• Lille City Pass

Lille City Pass

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Explore the French city of Lille with your City Pass and gain entry to the famous historical monuments, museums and other tourist attractions of the city. A guided tour of Old Lille is a great way to discover its Flemish past, including a visit to the Cathedral Notre-Dame de la Treille. Explore the famous Armentire's belfry. The architect Louis-Marie Cordonnier was commissioned to design the new town and was responsible for various buildings, including the new Town Hall, designed in a Flemish Renaissance style with interior stained-glass windows and belfry, whose chimes relay the air of La Madelon.Browse the vaulted rooms of Fort de Seclin and you will come across an impressive collection of authentic artillery harness, guns from 75 Pre la Victoire to 155 Schneider, engravings of principal military painters, uniforms and a weapon collection. With discounts at restaurants and shops, a City Pass is truly a must-have to experience Lille.
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