• Anna Sui Matte Nail Color, 306 Rose Red, .27 oz

Anna Sui Matte Nail Color, 306 Rose Red, .27 oz

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Brand Anna Sui
Matte Nail 306 - Rose Red Hear the bells ringing. It's your calling- the beginning of your story. This new feeling is so exciting! Ring whichever bell fits your mood-Then put on your favorite shoes, clothes, and accessories. Head to your special place and you're sure to find yourself! The story begins with your fingertips - Dramatic nail colors that can put various textures on your nails. Totally coordinate your fingertips with a variety of colors and textures. Gorgeous like jewelry, sweet like dessert, or light as a feather. Introducing a nail color collection that will create any story you desire! The thick, fast-drying base leaves a bump-free high-shine finish. At the same time, the formula applies evenly without going outside of lines- so translucent or pigment, it's easy to get a pro-like
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