• Single Stem Infinite Rose Single Long-Stem Infinite Rose-Red

Single Stem Infinite Rose Single Long-Stem Infinite Rose-Red

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Brand 1-800-Flowers
Express yourself perfectly for any occasion with a gift as timeless and infinite as your love - a single long-stem red rose, beautifully preserved at its peak to provide everlasting smiles. This carefully preserved bloom provides a truly original gift she'll treasure for years to come. Single long-stem preserved red rose, harvested at its peak of beauty and treated with glycerine to maintain the bloom's natural features and fresh-cut appearance for years to comeThrough a careful process, the rose has been preserved to maintain a natural, fresh-cut look and deliver lasting smiles to the one close to your heartAll roses are made with natural materials, so colors and sizes may vary slightlyDo not add water, which can damage the preservation of the rose; with proper care these roses can last for up to three yearsTo ensure lasting enjoyment, the rose should be kept away from areas of high humidity, water, direct sunlight and refrigerationRoses measure 17"L each with 2"W rose head; sizes may vary Great for Everyday
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